June Featured Skater - Sienna

Congratulations to this months featured skater - the very twirly @saltysiedog!

When she's not upside down trying to nail her death drops, she can be found cruising the waves around Byron. Check out a short interview with this legend below.

Name: Sienna Dillon

How long have you been roller skating for? I learnt to skate 5 years ago as a part of @marawa 'themajorettes' at Skate Love Barcelona but my real love for skating started in September 2020 when I started park skating.

What is your favourite thing about roller skating? It's the right combination of adrenaline, skill and fun. It also has the most accepting and encouraging community.

Where is your fave place to skate? At home, Mullum skatepark.

What are your skate goals at the moment? A clean deathdrop!!! Aerial cartwheels, 50-50 grinds and full cabs.

Who inspires you? Honestly the list could go on forever. Seeing old friend @skitztits absolutely kill it is what got me inspired to start park skating. I'm also inspired by @optimuslime_ @kid_ace @estrojen @spiceyivey @barbiepatin @spaceghost.skate @shortstop.6 @rollergoolie



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