March Featured Skater - Kiowa Sioux

Name: Kiowa Sioux (@kiowa.sioux)

Pronouns: she/her

How long have you been roller skating for? 6 months this week!!

What is your favourite thing about roller skating? That over the moon feeling of a new learn and making so many good friends along the way!!

Where is your fave place to skate? Runaway Bay! There's a great mix of large mellow ramps and a little street spot. Or Level Up indoor park!! I have been taking lessons with Emerald (@skitztits) and Indi (@wendybiird) and I have been loving it! Seriously talented skaters and amazing coaches that have become great friends of mine. ️I'm there every Wednesday night! 

What are your skate goals for this year? To get real comfortable with all my stalls and we’re absolutely dreaming but a flip out of a bowl would be nice! 

Who inspires you? Aw man, every last friend I’ve made skating has inspired me in some way. Mack (@wankeronwheels), Lili (@saint_lili). Kiara (@rollerhoey) Chris (@chrimskates) these legends have really been there for me from the start!!! My coaches Indi & Emerald! They’re both always putting in extra work after lessons to help me nail what we’re working on. Their style of skating and coaching is perfection. 

Paige Hampson (@skateypaigey) is fierce as hell! Them aerials she be doing are insane!! One beautiful soul, It’s always mesmerising watching her skate!

And the one and only Taylah Fraser (@taylah.fraser). Not only is Tay unbelievably talented on skates she has been so supportive of my skate journey and one of the best friends I’ve ever made. Even after I broke a couple bones this girl was always there to bring me along to the jams and have breaky together. She won’t ever say no to an ice latte and a skate. I got into skating by photographing one of her birthday jams and ever since I seen the girls skate in person I was like HOT DAMNNNN this is it. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I can’t thank the humans who have accepted me into the community enough!! It has truly changed my life. 

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