May Featured Skater - GiGi!

Congratulations to May's featured skater. Hailing from Ngunnawal Country, GiGi lives and breathes roller skating. This skate rat can be found at the skatepark, or skating a janky slab of concrete during lunch breaks. We love this skater and are stoked to be sending a prize pack to GiGi's door! 

GiGi / G

Instagram handle: @skate.rodent 
Preferred pronouns:
I'm not sure how I want to answer this right now. Rodent? In a world of labels, I'm just confused. 
How long have you been roller skating for? 
I've been lucky enough to have skates for 8 years, park skating for a year in June/July. 
What is your favourite thing about roller skating?
THE POTENTIAL! It's really wonderful to see the limits in which roller-skating can be pushed. As a community and a sport, it feels like the sky's the limit and I just want to skate on everything with everyone. 
Where is your fave place to skate?
Assorted drains and street rat corners.  
What are your skate goals at the moment?
I try not to set goals except to have fun and see what I feel like trying on the day. 
360s would be nice too though, we'll get there. 
Who inspires you? 
Everyone! We all approach things differently and from baby beginning to pro of pro, I've picked up inspiration from every skater I see. 
Special mention to @Brunnyhardcore.

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