Community Chat: Street Roller Hockey Chix Club

If, like me, you were a mega Mighty Ducks fan as a kid, you might have occasional regrets about not pursuing a hockey career, or at least, not giving hockey a go. 

The good news is, it's not too late! It might not be on ice, but if you ask me, street hockey is even cooler. If you live on Gadigal Country (around Sydney) you can strap on your quads or inlines, and head to a session with the Street Roller Hockey Chix Club. It's just as awesome and DIY as it sounds. You probably won't achieve a flying V, but you will definitely have fun in a social and inclusive environment. 

Recently, I had a chat with Lex from the club. Check out what they are all about below, and make sure to hit them up to get along to a social session soon. Or, why not get some street hockey happening in your city!

What is the Street Roller Hockey Chix Club?

We are a fun, awesome, easy going a club for women, trans and non-binary identifying people, to socialise and play street roller hockey. We really push for our club to be a safe space for people to feel welcome and part of our epic skate family. 
The club is a low skill, non contact club that focuses on roller hockey in the most social environment possible. 

When did you start and how has the organisation grown?

We became an official club in 2018, but Hockey Dad Hayely who founded SRHCC has been inspiring other skaters to gather and play a cheeky game for years. 

Can you talk us through an average session/day at the club?

We have a few different sessions. 
Our most common session is called Schnipps. 
Schnipps is a casual drop in once a month for all players of all experiences. It's free and a perfect weekend chill sesh where players bring some skates, a beverage and have some good times. Next session is Sunday, 2nd October. 
1 day tournaments are more serious and usually special games, themed for players to dress up and have fun. This is a comp where we play timed games with full rules and announce a winner at the end with a drinks hang out sesh. 
Check out our Hockeyween Game coming up on Sunday 30th October. 
Season Tournaments. Something we want to bring back next year. A season of games where players join a team and play full weekly games. It all ends with a smashing finals day and award night. All high stakes where you and your team can win and take home a crafty and handmade canley cup trophy.  

Roller hockey is not something you see every day... how do you get people involved? 

Players usually find out about us by word of month through our epic skate and queer communities in Sydney. 
The best way to get involved is to follow our socials. If you do want to get involved and want to know more information or to borrow a hockey stick or skates for a Schnipps sesh, message us on socials or send us an email. We love hearing from players and are more than happy to respond to any queries. 

What are some of the barriers you need to overcome as a club? 

Getting more ramped up with the whole Covid situation. We have taken it slow opening games backup. 
For people new to roller hockey. We are told it's a big jump of courage to come on that first Schnipps session. Once players come and play, they are usually hooked on the first visit!

Tell us about one of your favourite street hockey memories... 

2019 Season Finals. The Cabramatta Cob Loaves VS the Marrickville Moles. What a game! it was full on and to the wire where they had to battle it out for the golden goal.
Can not explain how exciting it was! The Marrickville Moles ended up taking the win. Was such an exciting game. 

If people want to get involved, what do they need to do?

Follow us on socials and pop your head into Schnipps. 
Instagram: @srhcclub
Facebook: StreetRollerHockeyChixClub
For new peeps that want to come to a Schnipps, we have basic donated gear from players in our league that we store for new players. We can bring a pair of skates, basic pads and a hockey stick to try out. 
You can also support the club by grabbing a sweet SRHCCLUB shirt or tote bag with art by Lingsi. Shoot them a message on Instagram to purchase. 
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