The idea to create the Chuffed Asia Crew came about when we noticed a lot of interest in our skates within Asian countries. The more we started to follow and admire these communities, the more we realised that these skaters were not represented in our social media content at all.
Australian culture is very different, and rather than just resharing content from skaters in these countries, we wanted them to be a part of our brands journey.

We hope that by introducing the Chuffed Asia Crew, more people will be inspired to take up roller skating and experience all the joy that comes with that. At the same time, through the program we support the crew skaters to build their scenes locally. 

Our main goal is to grow our presence in these countries through community, not just selling a product.

The Chuffed Asia crew is made up of the following skaters from the following countries:


Eshna Goenka (she/her) - @eshna.g

At 4 years old Eshna started skating in the streets of Mumbai. Today, she says she still loves street skating more than any other style because she loves pushing herself to create and maintain flow. Grinding ledges and trying parkour moves on every obstacle she sees, she has developed a signature style that we can’t get enough of.


Karina Aretha (she/her) - @karinaretha

A couple years ago, Karina went to one of SWB Bali sessions and fell in love with skating. Within a week, she had her own pair of skates and hasn't stopped since! She says she loves everything that comes from skating, including all the mixed feelings that you have to go through to get new tricks: the initial fear, falling, laughing, the euphoria when you finally land it... Overcoming herself has become some sort of addiction ! But to her, the biggest win in skating has been the family/community that she has met along the way. 

Marina Tasha (she/her) - @marina_tasha

Marina is a smooth groover who loves to dance on her wheels and spread the love for roller skating in her local area. She is the founder of Skatelovers - a skate shop and roller skate collective dedicated to growing roller skating in Indonesia. Along with her team, she coaches learn to skate and dance, and loves to help beginners fall in love with roller skating. 

Natcil (she/her) - @natcil

Natcil is one of those skaters who had style from day zero. She is passionate about growing her community, but rather than coaching, she loves it when everyone plays and learns together. 


Syifa Ibrahim (she/her) - @syi.skates

Roller skating allows Syifa to feel free and be however she wants regardless of what people expect her to be. She says she can never decide whether to jam or go for a skatepark sesh, so she often ends up dancing in the park in between runs! Her friends have started calling her Syi-fu as she is always out there helping out the newer skaters and making sure they are having a good time - she just wants everyone to feel the joy that skating brings her!



Afiq (he/him) - @iamsk8fiqing

Originally a self proclaimed shameless ramp hogger, Afiq is more of a street menace these days. You can most probably find him skating the Por Vida Indoor park on rainy days (hello Singapore wet season!). Street or ramp, the truth is that skating has become a source of empowerment for Afiq, and given him really strong friendships with other skaters. As a co-admin of the Singapore CIB chapter, he would like to spread the gospel of roller skating in whatever style it may be!

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We don't accept applications to be on the Chuffed Crew. However, if you would like to show us your skating or what you are doing you can use the hashtags #chuffedskates and #getchuffed