Skate Maintenance with Rib

Owning a pair of skates can sometimes feel as complicated as owning a car! It's hard to know when they need a service, and doing the job yourself can be daunting. 

Luckily, Chuffed Skates Crew member Rib has come to the rescue with a short video explaining the parts that are most likely to need an upgrade on your skates after some wear and tear. Check it out!


Pivot Cups
Pivot cups are the small rubber or plastic inserts that sit inside your plate and allow your trucks to manoeuvre correctly. If they get broken, you will feel a difference in how your skates perform. You should replace these as soon as they are broken. If you keep skating with broken pivot cups you will be rubbing metal on metal between your truck and plate, and this can quickly lead to breakage. 
Bearings make your wheels spin and if they are old, full of debris, or rusted, they won't spin optimally. If you feel like you are going slow, your wheels are making a strange crunching sound, or they stop spinning altogether, it's time for new bearings! You can clean your bearings every month or so to make them last longer. If your bearings still don't spin well after cleaning, it's a sign you need a fresh set. 
The bushings (also known as cushions) allow you to steer your skates. When you apply pressure in any direction your bushings will compress to move with your body. With time, your bushings will wear down, and often they can become misshapen due to how you position your weight. If your bushings are not all the same shape and size, it's time for a replacement. You can also rotate your bushings regularly so they wear more evenly. 
Harder bushings are great for beginners and park skaters who don't want too much movement under their feet. Softer bushings are great for rhythm skaters and skaters who enjoy more responsiveness. 
Toe Stops
If your toe stops are badly worn and affecting your ability to stop properly you should switch to new ones as it can lead to injury. You can rotate your toe stops rather than changing them for a longer life. However, if you see any metal at all in your toe stop you should change them because this can be very slippery and dangerous. 
Changing all these parts is pretty simple as long as you have a skate tool. Follow along with Rib to give your skates a service and get them running as smooth as a finely tuned engine. 
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