How To Deal With the Pressures of Skating


Jade doing an aerial trick, shot by Ash Kate Russell

We were chuffed to have graceful shredder Jade Morris (aka @optimuslime_ ) as our second guest on Drop In Podcast. We chatted with her about the Meanjin (Brisbane) skate scene, how local bladers and her ballet background have helped her level up her skating, and how to deal with the pressures of skating with 500k TikTok followers watching on. 


50-50 in a DIY park, shot by Ray Thomas

Here are some of Jade's insights into how to keep skating fun and for you, or listen to the whole episode here.

Don't get fixated on what others think of you in the skatepark 

"It doesn’t matter, everybody is there to learn. Nobody is there to judge you and if they are, it doesn’t matter, don’t listen to them... It’s also way less nerve wracking if you have someone else there with you."

Skate for yourself, not your social media accounts 

"I don’t really post that regularly. I don’t go out to try to film for TikTok. I just post snippets of things I have. I try not to go out of my way, because I don’t want to put any extra pressure onto myself. Also, I’m a very anxious person, so putting myself out there has been massive. It has caused lots of stress, but at the end of the day it’s not that big of a deal… and nothing anyone says to me can tear me down." 

Remember skating isn't just about improving your skills, it's also a way to look after your mental health 

"When I had to stop ballet due to an injury I got into a pretty sad depression and didn’t really realise why. Then I was like ‘oh I am not moving my body!’ ‘I’m not exercising every day.’ So, roller skating really came at such an amazing time for me... It completely changed my life for the better."


A wild Jade spotted in her most natural state and habitat, shot by Gabby Zussino

Don't compare yourself to others

"Everybody's progression is different and no-ones progression is linear. It's ok if other people learn faster than you, and it's ok if you are up and down sometimes"    

Jade is such an inspiring skater in both how she moves and speaks. Make sure to listen to the whole conversation here, and check out her Instagram or TikTok to see her skating. 

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