The Chuffed OG Crew is the original Chuffed Crew - the ones who were there right from the start and set the foundations for what the brand would stand for. The ride or die's, the one's we want to skate with every day, on every trip. We will always be grateful for their commitment to roller skating, community, and helping us to grow to where we are today. 


Bowzer Scharka he/they (@bowzer____

The king of boogie, if there's beats Bowzer's in! Don't let his big spikey turtle name fool you, Bowzer has a heart bigger than the world.

Cath, she/her (@cathh.b

Cath designed almost all the Chuffed merchandise you love up until the start of 2024, as well as our logo, our boxes, and many other bits and pieces. Cath is the reason the Chuffed brand looks so cool, and we are forever indebted to her amazing artwork and style. 

Chitty she/her

Hailing from the wild North West, Chitty has been around skating in these lands for longer than any of us, and is an absolute force to be reckoned with on 8 wheels. She might not be skating as much these days, but when she is, you better be ready. 

Sophie Pizzutto she/her (@soapyprosciutto)

Some say Sophie's middle name is big bowls - it's her airs and fakie carves that will make your jaw drop. And that's not all, crazy legs at rocket speeds? Can do.

Sugu she/her (@sugu.fu)

Sugu was the first skater to have a Chuffed Crew skate and worked with the brand for about 3 years, involved in everything from marketing, to team management, and still cohosts our Drop In podcast. Without Sugu there would be no Chuffed!