Our Homebase Crew is made up of skaters from the Land Down Under (aka Australia). These skaters were selected not only for their amazing skills and unique styles, but also for the work and dedication they give to the roller skating community. 


Bowzer Scharka he/they (@bowzer____

The king of boogie, if there's beats Bowzer's in! Don't let his big spikey turtle name fool you, Bowzer has a heart bigger than the world.


Betty she/her (@bettyorworse_)

As a kid Betty taught herself how to do flips on the trampoline. Before she even started skating, she had already broken around 7 bones and gone through multiple surgeries... Betty goes hard. She says she’s always loved to be upside down, so it’s been amazing to be able to use those skills on her roller skates. 

Jade-Hannah Morris she/they (@optimuslime_)

Jade is equal parts acrobat and grind queen, and one of the sweetest and most humble skaters out there.  The rest of the crew has confessed that they can't wait and go on tour with her to see what she has for breakfast - they all want some!

Rib she/her (@ribletrollfriday)

If you look up style in the dictionary, you might find a picture of Rib. Both in skating and fashion, her style is always on point. Some say her powers come from using different sized wheels on the front and back of her skates - “tractor style”. 


Sophie Pizzutto she/her (@soapyprosciutto)

Some say Sophie's middle name is big bowls - it's her airs and fakie carves that will make your jaw drop. And that's not all, crazy legs at rocket speeds? Can do.


Tia Pitman she/her (@steeez.t)

Tia's skating is pure power. She is a proud Larrakia Woman who learnt how to fly and flip at a young age. You won't dare to blink while watching her skate. 


Zoe she/her (@zozzlebee)

Zoe’s impeccable style is only rivalled by her humble character & contagious positivity. If you’ve been lucky enough to skate with her you know what we are talking about!!

Zulfiye Tufa she/her (@zulfiyeah)

Zulfiye is an endless reminder of how much joy skating brings. Always with a smile on her face - wether she's grooving on the courts, or dropping into a ramp.


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We don't accept applications to be on the Chuffed Crew. However, if you would like to show us your skating or what you are doing you can use the hashtags #chuffedskates and #getchuffed