roller skate toe stops

Your toe stops are on the front of your skate and are secured by a nut and washer. Our toe stops are threaded and screw into your plate - just like a bolt.

Tighten the nut that holds your toe stop in place very firmly before skating. Make sure to use the tool provided or your favourite skate tool to do this - tightening them with your hands won't do the job! Toe stops need to be checked and tightened regularly.

Toe stops are used for stopping when rolling backwards - never forwards! They can also be used for tricks, spins, etc.

Different people like their toe stops at different heights. Generally, 3-4 fingers distance in between your back wheels and the ground when you put your toe stop down is a good height. You should be able to easily put your toe stop down without tipping over, although like everything skate related this can take some practice.